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Whether theoretical or practical, simple or sophisticated, each measurement instrument is specially designed for certain applications. This section contains case studies involving frequent and less frequent situations encountered when using our instruments.

 Electrical maintenance of a solenoid valve
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 Power factor
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 Elevator maintenance
Download >

 Efficiency of DC motors
Download >

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 Special focus on
400 Hz installations

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 How professionals can
reduce their bills

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or leakage current

Download >

 Synchronization testing
and verification

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 Discover how to troubleshoot
with the Qualistar+

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 Troubleshooting on
electrical generator sets

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 Sizing of phase-compensation
capacitor banks
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 EMC Prequalification
Download >

 K factor
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 Maintenance of
solenoid valve

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 Measurement of
electrical power

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soil resistivity
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 Earth measurement
on pylons

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 What is emissivity ?
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 Phasor diagrams
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